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  • Replace anxiety with confidence using PROVEN¬†positive reinforcement techniques¬†
  • Eliminate worrisome issues like spooking, rearing, bucking, bolting, etc.
  • Stop spending your precious time and money and not making progress
  • Learn how to recognize your horse‚Äôs emotions and how it affects his behavior
  • Have one-on-one access to Shawna and Jessie to support you on your journey
  • The best part? While working towards your goals, you will be developing a phenomenal relationship with your horse!
Take a deep breath. Shawna and Jessie are here to help you PERSONALLY.

Do you want to transform your relationship with your horse?

Ask yourself...

  • Does your horse trust you? And do you trust your horse?
  • Does your training seem to put¬†your horse into a state of fight, flight or freeze?¬†
  • Does your horse struggle to relax, to focus, or to find motivation?

What sets us apart?

Shawna and Jessie share more than six decades of experience between them. Shawna’s years at SeaWorld followed by decades of experience teaching R+ to horses all over the world makes her the consummate expert in positive reinforcement training. Combined with Jessie’s years as a traditional trainer who has started hundreds of horses, makes them unusually equipped to help anyone from the backyard enthusiast to the upper-level competitor.

  • We're here to help.¬†Positive reinforcement training is often misunderstood or done poorly. The result is less than ideal. We will help you avoid the pitfalls and get¬†it¬†right.
  • Our membership is unlike most others.¬†From live Q&A‚Äôs¬†to our weekly podcast, you will have up close access to us in a way you typically cannot get from most busy professionals.¬†
  • We are who we are. Unedited. Raw. Unique.¬†You will¬†have access to¬†videos¬†that show what REALLY happens as we¬†problem-solve through¬†training.¬†It‚Äôs¬†sometimes messy, and we want you to see how we¬†work our way through each challenge.¬†
  • Acceptance. We get it. You're on a journey and you might not yet be fully committed. No pressure here... pun intended. Our community are the most kind and gracious people we know. We hope you'll take advantage of how amazing they are.¬†

Membership Includes:

Complete Content Archive

You’ll get access to ALL our content, including 13 complete courses and hundreds of videos that are organized and easy to find. 

Weekly "Ask Shawna...and Jessie!"

Have your questions answered. Shawna and Jessie will choose one each week from the group chat and answer by video response. 

Community Forum

Our friendly and supportive community is a place where you can chat, ask questions (yes, Shawna and Jessie are there too) and have a safe space to just be you. We LOVE your authenticity. 

Weekly Podcast

Get access to our member-exclusive podcast, 'Unplugged with Shawna and Jessie.' Get to know the "real" us and learn more in-depth training info that you can't get anywhere else!

Training Videos

This is content we add from our at-home sessions and from clinics on the road. These videos are unedited so you get to see how we problem solve our way through things. 

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We are so confident that you'll find immense value and game-changing content in our membership that we're offering a FREE 7-day trial.

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I joined and am very glad I did. I am a former editor for ‚ÄúPractical Horseman‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúHorse and Rider‚ÄĚ and was skeptical but figured a free trial couldn't hurt. All I can say is WOW. The level of details in these modules is off the charts. Easy to follow and implement. Thank you!

- Cathy H.

I joined a week ago but really started diving into it tonight and I'm in awe what's to offer! I've taken some other positive reinforcement courses but the stuff I've learned tonight goes way above that!!! So much amazing information!!! Thank you guys so much!!

- Krysti L.

At first I didn't really grasp the depths to which positive reinforcement could help my horses. Once I saw how it was changing the way their brains processed what they were being taught, I was hooked. Its changed my business. I use it to help with spookiness, relaxation, going forward, slowing down, improving their jump and so much more. To say it's improved our lives tremendously is an understatement.

- Cassidy L.

I signed up on Tuesday and can't stop watching and learning. I'm a sponge! There is so much valuable content, very well explained and backed up with commented videos. I love your energy and the fact that you want to make the learning process fun for everyone! Thank you for sharing your knowledge via this membership!

- Jessica B.


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