Calm and Confident Clipping

Teach your horse to stand quietly and relaxed while he is being clipped… even the sensitive areas! No more medication, no more twitching and no more frantic horses. You will have the calm horse you always wanted, without resistance, pressure or coercion.

Using the proven principles of positive reinforcement you can change your horse’s attitude, from one of suspicion to one of trust. You will be adding something to the training equation that your horse values. He will choose to be a part of the training because he will become invested in the outcome. The best part is that you will be building a better relationship during the process.

This video shows the different stages of clipping. The real focus is on teaching your horse to stand quietly throughout the process. I will also address some of the issues that can make clipping an unpleasant experience for your horse and how to remedy them.

$59.97 USD