Positively Simple Sheath Cleaning

I have been surprised by the response I have received about this topic so far. Let’s just say sheath cleaning isn’t usually discussed around the dinner table! There is definitely a lack of good instruction on how to safely get this accomplished even though people have been quite ready and willing to learn. Well, I decided to make a video… it is high time we take the mystery out of this simple task!

In this video, I will show you how to handle and clean your horse’s sheath as well as where to find the “bean”. More importantly, you will learn how to teach him to stand quietly while you handle these sensitive areas of his body. This will result in a skill that you can use over and over, not just for his sheath but for any area where he seems to be reactive or protective. Using positive reinforcement, you can teach him to choose to be relaxed and calm during the entire process.

$49.97 USD