Intro to Positive Reinforcement

This two-day interactive event focuses on the science and theory of using positive reinforcement. It is like attending an in-person clinic from the comfort of your home. Watch as Shawna and Jessie work one-on-one with horses from our own barn from foal age through adulthood. There are over 15 sessions to watch and hear discussion with the workshop participants. Some are new to the training and some are more advanced.

Some will be ridden under saddle to show how to effectively and systematically use positive reinforcement in many different scenarios, including taking the learning to horses who had previously only been taught with pressure and release (the cross-over horse). We will also be touching on the basics of teaching or polishing lead changes, improving jump, and free jumping using positive reinforcement as well so that you can see the sky is the limit when using positive reinforcement.

$249.99 USD